Friday, September 10, 2010

Not As Close As I Thought

Well it's Friday. That means in two days its time for the 750 game with my friend Scott. I got nowhere near where I though I would be. But its okay.Well have a great game and I'm going to Smash his Necron force.

So here is some pics of where I am as of today.
Here is Second Squad's Squad leader Novius. It is the Responsibility of the Squad leader to carry the Aspex and call out enemies to the Heavy Weapon Marine, and to direct the squad when the Sergent is away or when they are broken up into combat squads.

He and everyone else on this post got the base colors and washes on him and that's it.

So here is the first half of 2nd Squad. From left to right: Brother Jacobo, Brother Auxilius,
Veteran Sgt. Gaius, Brother Dexion, and Brother Crispin.

And here we have the second half of 2nd Squad. From left to right we have: Brother Lucan, Brother Cicero, Squad Leader Novius, Brother Carbo, and Brother Albinius.

This is 3rd Squad's Squad Leader Sextus. Was able to start up on him but didn't get to Finnish.

So that's all I got.

On Another Note I found the Macro Setting on my camera and the Pics are nice. Never thought I would find it or even had one on the camera.

So anyways let me know what ya'll think.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

More Progress

Did some more work on the army this past week but not much. Been mostly putting the base colors for all the metallic colors on the rank and file marines. But I did get to finish my 2nd Squad Sergent and I am very happy with how he came out.
So here is he in all his glory. I'm just having trouble on what to put on his Banner, I can never decide. Another thing is what to put on his talbard. RARW so many decisions.

Well let me know what ya'll think.