Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well I'm Still Here

Life can and will get the best of you. Especially if it's a game call "Halo: Reach". The game is really great but im sad that its the supposed last one in the series.

But back to hobby news. My game with my buddy last month was a disaster. I couldn't roll for the life of me and did some bad mistakes. But live and learn. it was fun even though I was almost wiped of the board. Scott played a good game and killed my army to 3 men in a tower. Horrible game, but fun. (I still cry when I think about it, Damm Necrons.)

But during this time I have been away I have been thinking where I want to go with this hobby. What keeps me doing this? Why do I invest my time to this when I have so many more hobbies?

And I decided it wasn't playing the Game, it was the Fluff.

I started to noticed it when I was at work. I must have read the SM Codex maybe five times and every story, every picture had me. The struggle, the Last Stands of an Empire, and the Heroes of it all.

See I'm a sucker for lost causes and final stands. (Explains why I play Firefight in Halo a lot.)

So with the time I have I have been writing Fluff and reading more over at the B&C Forums (Bolter & Chainsword) and just getting a feel of where I want my Chapter to fit in. Been looking at Galaxy Maps looking for a home, writing combat docs, figuring what founding we were made from, and even the most smallest of details I've been thinking about.

But there is something I DO know that i want to do.

And that is Boys and Girls......


I'm not just talking about the 1,000 brothers. I'm talking about doing everyone. Every vehicle, Tech-marine, Servitor, Apothecary, Libby, and Chappy. I even want to do the BFG ships for my own.

I have already started the planing phase. I have the Chapter Master, Honor Guard, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Company load outs. Every piece of Wargear that they have.

I'm Working on the Armory right now got the Tech-Marines wargear down. Just have to do the Vehicles.

Mind you, this is all Planing right now and I'm working on putting it all on a  Spreadsheet for ease of refrence as well as when I start Assembly and Painting. I'll use it as a guide.

Well that's all I have going on right now. Not much to show for at the moment. But I's still painting just got to get out of a rut of not wanting to.

(End Rant)

P.S. May be I'll ask my Wife for a Thunderhawk for Christmas.