Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rarw I Hate Moving- Vangurd Veteran

Like the title says I hate moving to a new house but it need to be done. With the way the economy is in the US you just cant make it on your own anymore. So my family and my Mother-in-law are all moving in to a bigger house.

But there is a good thing about it all, I get my own space in the garage for my Hobby Stuff. Mind you where I live its a blessing and a curse. In the winter its nice but in the summer its Freaking HOT!! Oh well. I get my own space at least.

So enough of the rambling here is some more Marines of the Iron Skull Chapter.

So this is one of my Vanguard Veterans. I have always believed the Vets of first have the most bionic implants of the chapter. He has the Studded shoulder pad as the other Vets of First company.

So I will be posting more at a later time I have about four more assembled.

 So let me know what you all think about the Vets.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bitz Reinforcments Recived

Well I got my Bitz order in today. I had to check the mailbox, which is weird the mail guy brings it to my door, but oh well. So I present you My BITZ.

So as I said in the Post for Friday the Studded Pads are for the Veterans of First Company. The Chaos Plasma Pistols are for converting. The Power Maul is going to a Vanguard Veteran or maybe a new Company Captain just don't know yet.

Well can't wait to use them.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Count As Sternguard

So some of the first models I made when I got home were 5 Sternguards. I love how the different parts of the 1st Company have a little bit of  rivalry with each other. So I made some Sternguards out of the Command and Tactical Squad Spruces.

So basically they are just regular marines, but when you add the little details that's when they become true First Company Veterans.

All of my First Company Vets that are not in Terminator Armor have the right shoulder pad as a Studded one. I like the look of the Studded pads and it sets them apart form the rest of the Chapter.

Another thing that sets them apart is the amount of Seals and Tabards they have on them.

So I give you Squad Tertullian assigned to 3rd Company Brother Captain Marcus.

From left to right Brother Octavianus, Borther Octavian, Veteran Sgt. Tertullian, Brother Marco, and Brother Larcius

All will be armed with boltguns.

So let me know what you all thing about my Vets.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

3rd Tatical Squad

Well I have been busy with the hobby. Got most of my First Tactical Squad almost done. Need four more marines to paint up. Still need to do the backpacks and bolters but that would be very quick. So here are some pics of the 3rd Squad.

This is Sgt. Avitus of 3rd Tactical Squad.

Brother Marine Brutus armed with Missile Launcher.

Brother Marine Zuilus armed with Boltgun

Brother Marine Dio armed with Boltgun.

Brother Marine Calvus armed with Boltgun.

Brother Marine Tiburs armed with Flamer.

Will post more when I get more of the Squad done.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Marine Painted

When i started playing 40k in Overseas, we didn't have any models of anything. But we did have an abundance of water bottle caps and the cardboard cases they came in. So that's what we used Bottle Caps and Cardboard. But enough of the back story, now that I'm back in the States I have access to all the models I bought overseas.

So with out further delay I bring you the First Marine I have painted.


So the way I did this guy was to first prime Skull White.
Then I did a basecoat of Adeptus Battlegrey.
A heavy Wash of Badab Black.
A drybrush of Codex Grey
Then a highlight of Fortress Grey.

For the Gold trim and Aquila i started with Chaos Black.
Then a layer of Shining Gold.
Followed by a wash of Devlan Mud.
Then a Final highlight of Burnished Gold.

The shoulder pad I started with Skull White prime.
Followed by Regal Blue.
Then a Wash of Badab Black.
and a layer of Ultramarines Blue.

So everyone let me know what you all think about this paint scheme.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Me and Warhammer 40k

Back in early 2009 I was deployed by the Army. This left a lot of time to do all the hobbies of mine, which is video games and D&D. But as the time passed out there me and a few others we playing Dawn of War on the PC. I love the first Dawn on War and the background of Warhammer in the fact that humanity is beset on all sides by aliens and traitors within. I'm a bit of a lost cause guy and love the fact that in Warhammer, its a lost cause but you still fight on. So while I was away I bought the Rule Book and the codex for Space Marines. Orks, Imperal Guard, Tau, and Necrons were a give by my friend Scott and we play every once in a while. He's in love with the Necrons and i play the Space Marines which is great but i hate that We'll Be Back Roll. So this Blog will be about my Space Marine Chapter "Iron Skull" and hopefully it will be good as I go thought the World of 4oK.

In the 41st Millennium,
There is Only War.

Lol I love that saying.