Thursday, August 26, 2010

Progress on the Army

Progress is going along SLOWLY but surely. Did a little work on the Second Squad. Done so far is Basecoat and a heavy wash of Badab Black.

Still need to prime and finish the heavy weapon marine.

Having a bit of trouble deciding who to use as my Captain. The one on the left was the original Mini I was going to use but it didn't come off as he was wearing Artificer Armor. The one on the right is the ABOR Captain and he is ornate enough to look like he is wearing Artificer armor.  The weapons don't matter as the are both power weapons and the bolter has hellfire rounds.

So let me know what you all think.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sisters of The Moonlight

So like I said in my last post, my wife wants to start an army of Sisters of Battle. I'm going to go over what she likes and come up with a 400pt list for our Combat Patrol games me and my buddy likes to play.

These are the colors she picked out.

So she then asked me if she could paint one of my Marines just to try it out. So I let her. But before she did anything I made it very clear that she need to be careful with the brushes and paints.

So this is what she made with my available paints.
 So the hands are painted Elf Flesh because my wife thought they didn't have any gloves on for some odd reason. But she tried her best and learned it was a lot harder that she thought. I love my wife she can be funny some times.

But anyways I'm still working on the 750pt list painting some red company stripes on some helmets and starting off a few more with basecoats. Will post some more when I get some good work done. So everyone let my wife know what you all think about her Ideas.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Awesome Day to a Four Day Weekend

Well it was a really good day today. My family and I went down to the beach today to take my daughter to see the Pacific Ocean. She had fun except the water was a little to cold for her. So she got some shells for her grandma.
My Daughter and Wife.
So after the beach we went to get some lunch. my wife wanted to take me to a place called Lucille's BBQ. had a great lunch. Got me some Baby Back Ribs and BBQ Tri-Tip with Beans and Mac & Cheese(my FAV!).
Food Yum.
But I guess you are wondering why I'm posting all this on a blog about Warhammer. So I'll let you know.


It was a cool place lots of tables and all with a different theme to them, lots of cases with nicely painted armys of all the armies of Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. But the coolest thing I thought was seeing the Forge World Reaver and Warhound Titans and seeing how big they really are instead of on the Web.

And the best thing about being there was that my wife allowed me to get some supplies from the store.
Basing Kit
Snow Flock
Barbed Wire.
So it was a really GREAT day today. But that's not the last of the cool things that happened. My wife the love of my life has expressed an interest in the hobby. She wants to paint one of my Space Marines to see if she would like painting. So if she likes it, she wants her own Sisters of Battle army. She even has a name for them, "Sisters of the moonlight" from Reno (try to guess the reference).

Such an Awesome day today.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where I Stand

 So with the challenge under way I want to post where my 750pt army stands right now.

3rd Squad needs Bolters and Power Packs.
Needs to be painted.

Sternguard Squad need to be primed and painted.
3rd Squad need to finish the Squad leader and Marine# 1 and 4.
2nd Squad need to be painted.
2nd Squad needs to be painted and prime the first Marine.
Need to paint Captain Marcus and the Objective Marker.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I have been Challenged as well.

Like the title says "I have been Challenged" by my buddy Scott over at Legions-of-Nekheny. I found it quite funny he called me his "BFF" (what are we 13 year old girls lol). Its okay he is the guy who got in to 40K with me overseas and who I battle with at least once a month. But next month, September 12th, things are going down and getting bloody. We have set up a 750 point game at the FLGS, Adventures Guild of Riverside, and I have to paint up my army before that time.

So I want to post my 750pt Space Marine are list that's going to battle the Evil Necron hordes.

Space Marine Captain     155pts
Relic Blade +30pts
Hellfire Rounds +10pts
Artificer Armor +15pts

10 Man Tactical Squad    185pts
Meltagun +5pts
Lascannon +10pts

10 Man Tactical Squad    170pts
Flammer +FREE
Missile Launcher +FREE

Predator Tank                 95pts
Heavy Bolter Sponsons +25pts
Storm Bolter +10pts

5 Man Sternguard Veteran Squad    160pts
Drop Pod +35pts

TOTAL: 750pts

So with every thing listed I'll write down what I have to do:
  1. Paint the Captain (Primed)
  2. Paint the Predator. (Primed)
  3. Finish 3 Marines and all Backpacks and Bolters of the 3rd Squad (Primed)
  4. Paint 2nd Tactical Squad (Primed)
  5. Reassemble a NEW Drop Pod and Paint.
  6. Prime and Paint 5 Sternguard. 
So thats what i have to do before September 12th. Let me know what you think and WISH me luck.

Comand Squad

Well Got some work done. Started on a Command Squad. Cant wait to paint them up, but I have to get better at painting first lol.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Dead Just Busy - Sergents

Well I have been busy for the past few week. Real life and work gets in the way some times but you do what you have to. I have had some hobby time but not enough to post some thing. So I'll show you what i have been working on.

So this is one of the new Sgt. i have been working on. He will be armed with a Bolter. All I have done on him is prime, basecoat, wash, and drybrush, but I have started to get him ready for the gold and silvers.

So here is another Sgt. he is armed with Boltgun and Powerfist.

And the last one for tonight armed with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword.

Well everyone let me know what you think and I should be making more Posts from now on.